We have F1b Goldendoodle and F1b Labradoodle litters coming soon!

Dedicated to giving our puppies the best start in life

F1b Goldendoodle Puppies Expected DECEMBER 15th 2019


Waiting List:

1. Breeder's Pick

2. Lewis Family

These puppies should be between 40-60 lbs and will be non shedding and CKC registered.  Both parents have wonderful temperaments and these puppies will be amazing!  We can't wait to meet them!

Chance is from Peters' Puppies.  Sandy Rohlfing Peters is an amazing breeder with a wonderful program.  Chance is a fun loving, cuddly guy who loves to chase rabbits and squirrels when he's not lounging on the couch.  He is also an emotional support dog for his human daddy. We are blessed to have Chance sire this litter!

Pippi is extremely intelligent, intuitive and loving.  She is truly a best friend that is right by your side whether it's playing hide and seek or watching tv.  She loves showing off her many tricks and is an amazing mother!

Go to the Adoption Information page to learn about how we raise our puppies and why our puppies are so special!