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Must Love Doodles is not your typical kennel.  We do not have a large breeding program and therefore, we can dedicate all of the time and attention necessary in raising well socialized, loving puppies that will be a blessing to your family.   We follow the Puppy Culture curriculum which includes early neurological stimulation and enrichment actiities to give our puppies the best possible start during those crucial first 12 weeks.  


Happy, Healthy Bloodline

Because we are responsible breeders, our puppy parents undergo genetic health testing through Embark Vet according to breed specifications to guarantee that their offspring will not be affected by any genetic conditions.  It is our mission to produce happy, healthy pets that will be beloved family members for many years.

 Pippi is an AKC Registered Red Standard Poodle .  She is 24" tall at the shoulder and weighs 40 lbs.   She is extremely intelligent and learns very quickly.  She loves to play hide and seek with her human siblings and perform her tricks (for treats of course!).  She has a wonderful temperament and is very loving.  She is our beloved family pet.

Sawyer is an AKC Registered Fox Red Labrador weighing 72 pounds and measures 24" at the shoulder.   He loves to play ball and swim.  He has an amazing temperament and comes from champion hunting lines.

The first two pairings of these two created such gorgeous, amazing pups that we couldn't resist another repeat breeding. 


A Furever Friend

Our pups are F1 Labradoodles, F1b Labradoodles and F1b Goldendoodles.  They are highly intelligent and easily trained.  They have minimally shedding, easy to maintain coats that have loose or wavy curls.  This breed is often used for service or therapy dogs and are perfect for anyone looking for a best friend to love!

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Our babies are adopted quickly, so reach out to reserve your furever friend or to ask any questions. 

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