X-ray Confirmed 6 Puppies!!! SURPRISE! There were 7!

X-ray confirmed at least 6 puppies!!  We still have 4 spots remaining on our waiting list.

We simply can't wait to see their sweet little furry faces!  We are accepting $200 nonrefundable deposits to reserve their puppy.  Contact us if you are ready to add a furry new member to your family!

Who knew so much love could exist between the tip of a nose and the end of a tail!

This was our third litter of F1 Fox Red Labradoodles from Pippi and Sawyer.  They didn't disappoint!  This was the sweetest bunch yet.   They were almost exactly like the second litter as far as coat and color.  This time we had 5 medium red and 2 light red!  There were 3 girls and 4 boys!

These sweetie pies were so smart and started manding very early.  Everyone knew basic commands and was doing very well with crate training by the time they went home.  They were such quick learners and so eager to please!

It's hard to predict their weight as adults since they are F1 and hybrid vigor can play a huge role in how big they get.  This litter had 2 pups that were the smallest from the time they were born and will most likely mature to 40-50 lbs., one pup was on the larger side and will be probably reach 70 lbs. and the rest should fall somewhere in between.  

All their coats are low maintenance and will be minimally shedding.  All have gorgeous red undertones with white tips ranging from medium red to strawberry blonde.  A Doodle's coat and color can change as they mature and I can't wait to see what they all will grow up to look like!  Thanks so much to their sweet families for being so thoughtful and keeping me updated with pictures and progress reports!