Variety is the Spice of Life!

This was our second litter of F1 Fox Red Labradoodles from Pippi and Sawyer.  Once again, they turned out to be the most amazing pups!   It was a bit of a surprise to see that they were not all the same shade of red like the first litter.  This time, we had 1 dark red, 4 medium red and 2 light red!   Big thanks to their families for keeping in touch and sharing all those adorable photos with us!

It's hard to predict their weight as adults since they are F1 and hybrid vigor can play a huge role in how big they get.  By this, I mean that their parents are not accurate predictors of their size and they can and often do grow to be larger than either parent.  This litter seems to be varied with 2 pups taking on a slighter poodle build, 2 being a little stockier built and 3 falling somewhere in between.  My pup was one of the ones with a medium build and is weighing in at 30 lbs at 4 months and seems to be on target to be between 55-65 lbs as an adult.  Of course, only time will tell.  

Their coats are low maintenance and about half have the scruffy, wavy coat and the other half have a softer, fleece coat.  Their fur has a wonderful chinchilla effect with their puppy coats having deep red undertones and white tips.  I will be curious to see how they look as adults, but I know they will be beautiful!